Chocolate is a passion

Chocolate maker ‘Goldhelm’ tempts Kraemerbruecke visitors with sensual delicacies



Chocolate is far more than just stirred milk, cocoa and coating - chocolate stands for passion and art, for a sweet confection and for comfort. It is all that.


People visiting the 'Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur' on Erfurt’s Kraemerbruecke can witness what can be made out of chocolate: the finest truffles and pralines, semi-sweet chocolate or dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, Plantations chocolate from South Venezuela, from Ecuador or Trinidad, chocolate with plums and papaver, chocolate with chopped apricots and chestnuts, chocolate with candied balsamico - perfect to pair with a good red wine...


Alexander Kuehn, a qualified design artist, starts his working day by stirring only the finest ingredients in the kitchen of his chocolate shop to create little culinary chef d’oeuvres. These are then lovingly wrapped and labelled with distinctive specially-designed labels, created by Alexander himself. No matter if you buy one or one hundred truffles, for Alexander it does not make a difference. Even selling just a single truffle, he always gives his guests a hearty smile on their way back home.  


When you’re lucky, you can watch him make his chocolate in the shop’s kitchen - from the shop you can easily take a look into the kitchen  - and witness how the 'Bruecken Trueffel’ is made.



Source: Weekly Event Magazine



“The Bruecken Trueffel is the most traditional truffle for me”, says Alexander.


But don't believe that everyone can do this at home! The temperature must not be higher or lower than 31 to 33 degrees centigrade. If this is not the case, the coating will not close completely and instead of a wonderful chocolate, you will be holding an indefinable chunk of chocolate in your hand.


But making chocolate does also require experience. Having worked as a cook, specialised in the French cuisine, Alexander discovered his sweet passion while travelling and working abroad in various places in the world. “I have learnt a lot from the French and Italian cuisine", he confessed.


So, why not come around for a ‘Bruecken Trueffel’ and a wonderful glass of red wine?


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